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Pez, describes himself as a 'visual artist from Nantes', but we would rather use 'Ruler of the sketches', 'Master of detail' or even 'King of cartoon'.

We caught up with Pez over the Internet, the medium that helped spread his visibility into an unexpected proportion...


Can you explain us a bit more about your work process and the materials you use?


I don't really work along a standard process. For some sketches I base myself on a picture and other sketches are coming for 100% from my own imagination. The process serves the idea and not the other way around.

For small sketches I spend around 6 to 10 hours and I work with graphite crayons.For the bigger ones this can count up to 40 to 60 hours (sometimes even more) and I mix all techniques: crayon, Posca markers, spray cans.

In high school my teacher was always kind of mad at me because I held my pencil in the wrong way, this is still the case actually and I'm not going to change it... haha.




Do you see an evolution in your work over the past few years?


Of course! In all modesty (laughs): that is why I don't really enjoy seeing my old work. But nevertheless I try to introduce a sort of imperfection to my work so that my drawings aren't just 'aesthetic'...


Although your work isn't very graffiti like, you were picked up by most of the graffiti blogs. Why is that you think?


I've been drawing since I can remember and when I was a teenager my inspiration came from graffiti and hip hop in general. I've done some throw ups in the nineties, just for fun. Without really knowing a lot about the basic technique of drawing, so I'm afraid the result wasn't always that amazing. But it was great to be with friends and just have fun with it. On top of this, back in those days, you couldn't find all the material that you can find on the Internet today. After this I went to art school and graduated with an essay on graffiti in which I introduced the codes of graffiti into street furniture. From then on I worked as an illustrator. Over the years I always kept following what happened in the graffiti and street art scene, without however limiting myself to this only.


How do you feel about graffiti in general? Who are your favourite artists?


I'm a big fan of artists like Klimt, Magritte, Escher and Dali. As well as Kaws, Bua, Proch, Etam Cru, etc. But my inspiration comes from so many more artists than this limited list!

I've discovered a lot of artists late 90's and who could have imagined then that street art would be as big as it is now. I'm really happy that hip-hop proved to influence history like that and wasn't just a fashion trend that faded away.




How do you feel about creating objects? Would you ever try going 3D?


Oh yes, sculptures do interest me a lot! I would love to do a collab one day with people in this field. At this time I'm also testing and experimenting with installations for future expos.


You draw a lot of cartoon characters, but in a very detailed way. A contradiction in terms, I may say? What is it that attracts you about detail?

I love the richness and complexity of creations, where the eye gets lost in details and keeps discovering new elements, without forgetting about the whole. It's even better when the artwork shows a concept or a feeling.


You are a very good example of how the digital world supported you as an artist. By putting up your sketches on Behance you were picked up immediately. Also on Facebook your fans and likes raise high! How do you feel about that?


First of all I'm still surprised by the tons of likes my work gets on social media. I'm really thankful for that although it's not my final goal. The fact that I mix graffiti and pop culture appeals a lot of people I think, which creates followers and visibility. Internet is a great way to expose your work, so why not use this medium?


Who or what influences your art, apart from cartoons?

The evident answer: my kids!


Where does your name come from? Do you like the Pez candies at all?


I'm not really a big fan of the Pez candies, PEZ is a pseudonym coming from my real name. My close friends gave it to me when I was about 12 years. Only the insiders know why... (laughs)


Is there a country you would love to go? Why?

Yes, Thailand for the landscapes, the people, diving and the culture. I still want to discover a lot there about the local art. I've never been to Asia, but I'm really attracted by it...


Any advise to beginning artists?

Work, work, work! Observe, be interested in everything, don't limit yourself to a certain style or culture and now and then take some distance from your work.



All images courtesy of Pez.

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