MTN HardCore2

€3.50 / piece

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The MTN Hardcore 2, with V-Touch Valve

* high pressure

* high gloss paint

* 400ml 
* 109 colors

* fast drying time

* great covering colors, even over chrome!

- The V-Touch valve makes the Hardcore 2 suitable for use with the MTN94 caps! It also provides cleaner lines and a better controlled output.

Comes with a free MTN Hardcore 2 Cap





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  • MTN HC2 RV-252 Unicorn Yellow
    RV-252 Unicorn Yellow
  • MTN HC2 RV-222  Beach Yellow
    RV-222 Beach Yellow
  • MTN HC2 RV-20 Party Yellow
    RV-20 Party Yellow
  • R-1021 Light Yellow
    R-1021 Light Yellow
  • MTN HC2 RV-11 Ganges Yellow
    RV-11 Ganges Yellow
  • MTN HC2 RV-17 Tenere Sand
    RV-17 Tenere Sand
  • RV-206 Atacama Yellow
    RV-206 Atacama Yellow
  • R-1017 Peach
    R-1017 Peach
  • R-1028 Medium Yellow
    R-1028 Medium Yellow
  • MTN HC2 RV-207 Mango
    RV-207 Mango
  • MTN HC2 R-8023  Mustard
    R-8023 Mustard
  • MTN HC2 RV-261 Pangea Brown
    RV-261 Pangea Brown
  • MTN HC2 RV-208 Pumpkin
    RV-208 Pumpkin
  • MTN HC2 R-2003 Pastel Orange
    R-2003 Pastel Orange
  • MTN HC2 R-2004 Orange
    R-2004 Orange
  • MTN HC2 RV-209 Calcutta Orange
    RV-209 Calcutta Orange
  • MTN HC2 RV-210 Prometheus Orange
    RV-210 Prometheus Orange
  • MTN HC2 RV-260 Iroko Brown
    RV-260 Iroko Brown
  • MTN HC2 RV-259 Flamingo
    RV-259 Flamingo
  • MTN HC2 RV-223 Buddha Red
    RV-223 Buddha Red
  • MTN HC2 RV-33 Colorado Red
    RV-33 Colorado Red
  • MTN HC2 R-3020 Light Red
    R-3020 Light Red
  • MTN HC2 R-3001 Vivid Red
    R-3001 Vivid Red
  • MTN HC2 R-3004 Bordeaux Red
    R-3004 Bordeaux Red
  • MTN HC2 RV-258 Manga Pink
    RV-258 Manga Pink
  • MTN HC2 RV-211 Love Pink
    RV-211 Love Pink
  • MTN HC2 R-4003 Erika
    R-4003 Erika
  • MTN HC2 R-4010 Magenta
    R-4010 Magenta
  • MTN HC2 RV-212 Akari Red
    RV-212 Akari Red
  • MTN HC2 RV-213 Merlot Red
    RV-213 Merlot Red
  • MTN HC2 RV-257 Princess Violet
    RV-257 Princess Violet
  • MTN HC2 RV-224 Witch Violet
    RV-224 Witch Violet
  • MTN HC2 RV-225 Geisha Violet
    RV-225 Geisha Violet
  • MTN HC2 R-4006 Purple
    R-4006 Purple
  • MTN HC2 RV-226 Tube Violet
    RV-226 Tube Violet
  • MTN HC2 R-4007 Cherry
    R-4007 Cherry
  • MTN HC2 RV-256 Malva
    RV-256 Malva
  • MTN HC2 RV-214 Violet
  • MTN HC2 RV-215 Prophet Violet
    RV-215 Prophet Violet
  • MTN HC2 RV-3 Blue Violet
    RV-3 Blue Violet
  • MTN HC2 RV-216 Anonymous Violet
    RV-216 Anonymous Violet
  • MTN HC2 RV-264 Galaxy Blue
    RV-264 Galaxy Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-227 Waimea Blue
    RV-227 Waimea Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-228 Zeppelin Blue
    RV-228 Zeppelin Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-229 Andromeda Blue
    RV-229 Andromeda Blue
  • MTN HC2 R-5002 Ultramarine Blue
    R-5002 Ultramarine Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-230 Leviatan Blue
    RV-230 Leviatan Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-75 Nostromo Blue
    RV-75 Nostromo Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-29 Artic Blue
    RV-29 Artic Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-8 Light Blue
    RV-8 Light Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-217 Avatar Blue
    RV-217 Avatar Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-30 Electric Blue
    RV-30 Electric Blue
  • MTN HC2 R-5005 Dark Blue
    R-5005 Dark Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-218 Neptune Blue
    RV-218 Neptune Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-255 Patagonia Green
    RV-255 Patagonia Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-231 Cousteau Blue
    RV-231 Cousteau Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-232 Glacier Blue
    RV-232 Glacier Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-14 Planet Blue
    RV-14 Planet Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-233  Christiania Blue
    RV-233 Christiania Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-234 Indigo Blue
    RV-234 Indigo Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-254 Max Green
    RV-254 Max Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-219 Paris Green
    RV-219 Paris Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-220 UFO Green
    RV-220 UFO Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-21 Surgical Green
    RV-21 Surgical Green
  • MTN HC2 R-6016 Dark Green
    R-6016 Dark Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-221 Persephone Green
    RV-221 Persephone Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-253 Element Green
    RV-253 Element Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-15 Apple Green
    RV-15 Apple Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-250 Rambo Green
    RV-250 Rambo Green
  • MTN HC2 R-6013 Khaki Green
    R-6013 Khaki Green
  • MTN HC2 R-6003 Olive Green
    R-6003 Olive Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-251 Forest Green
    RV-251 Forest Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-235 Poison Green
    RV-235 Poison Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-236 Mojito Green
    RV-236 Mojito Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-16 Pistachio Green
    RV-16 Pistachio Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-34 Guacamole Green
    RV-34 Guacamole Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-237 Cologno N.Green
    RV-237 Cologno N.Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-5 Lutecia Green
    RV-5 Lutecia Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-246 Druid Brown
    RV-246 Druid Brown
  • MTN HC2 RV-247 Tepuy Brown
    RV-247 Tepuy Brown
  • MTN HC2 RV-248 Baobab Brown
    RV-248 Baobab Brown
  • MTN HC2 RV-249 Greyhound Brown
    RV-249 Greyhound Brown
  • MTN HC2 R-8002 Toasted Brown
    R-8002 Toasted Brown
  • MTN HC2 RV-35 Chocolate Brown
    RV-35 Chocolate Brown
  • MTN HC2 RV-6 Light Grey
    RV-6 Light Grey
  • MTN HC2 RV-262 Matter Grey
    RV-262 Matter Grey
  • MTN HC2 R-7040 Pearl Grey
    R-7040 Pearl Grey
  • MTN HC2 R-7031 Dark Grey
    R-7031 Dark Grey
  • MTN HC2 RV-263 Sputnik Grey
    RV-263 Sputnik Grey
  • MTN HC2 R-7016 Anthracite Grey
    R-7016 Anthracite Grey
  • MTN HC2 R-9010 Divinity White
    R-9010 Divinity White
  • R-9011 Black
    R-9011 Black
  • MTN HC2 R-6018 Valley Green
    R-6018 Valley Green
  • MTN HC2 RV-238  Giant Yellow
    RV-238 Giant Yellow
  • MTN HC2 RV-239 Luxor Yellow
    RV-239 Luxor Yellow
  • MTN HC2 RV-240 Kenya Orange
    RV-240 Kenya Orange
  • MTN HC2 RV-241 Madrid Red
    RV-241 Madrid Red
  • MTN HC2 RV-242 Soviet Red
    RV-242 Soviet Red
  • MTN HC2 RV-244  Miami Pink
    RV-244 Miami Pink
  • MTN HC2 RV-245 Cyan
    RV-245 Cyan
  • MTN HC2 RV-243 Babilon Blue
    RV-243 Babilon Blue
  • MTN HC2 RV-27 Vampire Violet
    RV-27 Vampire Violet
  • MTN HC2 Chrome Silver
    Chrome Silver
  • MTN HC2 Gold
  • MTN HC2 Copper
  • MTN HC2 Matt White
    Matt White
  • MTN HC2 Matt Black
    Matt Black
  • MTN HC2 Satin White
    Satin White
  • Satin Black
    Satin Black