ROA at North West Walls (BE)

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Roa was invited by Arne Quinze to be part of the North West Walls project. Containers were placed on top of each other on the festival meadow of Werchter, one of Belgium’s biggest music festivals, and were painted by different street artists. Roa explains which ideas he had in mind while painting his containers:


Painting can be quite a private and solitary thing, not only in what you paint but it is also something you usually do by yourself.

Do you enjoy that?

When painting I’m in a certain ‘zone’ and it doesn’t feel so alone. Creating something is a beautiful practice and I don’t consider it as a solitary thing, It’s on myself to complete a wall and organise the deadlines, but the spirit is never lonely. Besides that, painting brings me around the world and makes me meet new people and that I enjoy a lot.


Is it hard for you to share your thoughts and feelings to the public or have other people put meaning on what you paint?

When a wall is finished, it gets meaning by its environment. People have their own ideas and interpretations, which is great. There was a personal idea behind every depiction, but as it’s made public, people add their ideas to it.


Usually you adapt your work to the environment, the country and culture where you’re painting. Could you talk about the ideas you had in mind when creating your installation here at North West Walls?


Mostly I paint the native animals of the country I’m in and I try to relate to the spirit and the energy of the place. Here at NWW the context is different: the structure is made on purpose and the surrounding is a festival meadow. That is the opposite situation of where I mostly get started and that inspires me.

Therefore I did approach this project very differently than I usually do. Looking at this massive container sculpture, which is a 3D freestanding installation, on a field that, only a few times a year becomes crowded by thousands of people, is something estranging.

Thinking about this situation and the given element of the containers, my thoughts were directly connected to freight and legal and illegal animal trafficking of exotic animals: a questionable practice.

Illegal trafficking is an on going crime and we all know to what it can lead. In the context of legal trafficking I was thinking about how the colonies exported exotic animals in poor conditions to show in Victorian zoos. But also about the ironic repercussions of nowadays zoos: how they export animals for breeding programs and how some species only exist in captivity anymore. A paradox.

So for NWW I got the idea to use the containers as cages and instead of using native animals, it became a pile of exotic animals.


You like to push borders. Not only by travelling, but also in your work. Could you tell us which borders you still want to cross?


Maybe the borders of categorisation. Pushing it high, literally as a painter with murals, brought me together with some other painters in this wave of Urban Muralism. My hopes are that I will get more sitespecific projects going on, that I might produce more sculptural work in nature and that I get to work longer on each project. Instead of creating a mural in 5 days, it would be nice to double the time and get more out of it. By travelling I also got to know very interesting places and communities where I want to start projects. Non-commercial projects, for example in the middle of the outback, where I can work with the local people.


Since North West Walls happens as a part of one of Belgium’s biggest music festivals, let’s talk some music too.

Do you listen to music while painting?


Yes, music is always playing when I’m painting.


Are you aware of the sounds in the environment while you’re painting? 


Music helps bringing me in that specific ‘zone’ to focus on my process. But because I don’t want to eliminate the energy of the environment either,  I listen from portable speakers instead  of headphones.


Through travelling, have you discovered new music?


I got to know a lot of rap and hiphop from around the world: in Portuguese, African, Asian. And besides that, I discovered more traditional music of the countries I paint at, for example Cumbia.


See more pictures of Roa's work and the full report of the project on the fb-page of North West Walls.






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News February

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Mtn MEGA COLORS: faster, better, stronger.

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Check out this MTN Colors movie about the renowned and renewed Mega cans...



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Vereinstrasse 38A, 20357 Hamburg



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Brooklyn-based artist and professorial sign painter, Stephen Powers aka ESPO, is currently in Brussels where he’s setting up his solo show titled Visual Blues at Alice Gallery The show is opening on Thursday, May 16th, and is on view until the 22nd of June, so make sure you check out this extensive body of work if you’re close by.



Bué The Warrior & Resto

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Last week Ghent based artists Bue The Warrior and Resto got together again to paint one of the busiest spots in town. Watch the full movie by Jurriaan Persyn here. Also take a look at their last spot on collab for Kosmopolite Art Tour in Louvain-La-Neuve!

in collaboraion with Citykingz Webshop x Supremebeing and Het Salon





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Friday 5 April - One of Denmark's most experienced and talented graffiti painters took us back in time. For then the sketches were painted with a black Penol700, breakdancing was the shit and Svanemøllen station smelled slightly of the Bronx. A trip to the classical virtues...




It started in '84, with the film "Wild Style" (Danish title "Murkunst and street dance"). There was a need for a new youth culture, an alternative to punk, disco, green jackets and what was popular at the time. The graffiti had some interesting elements. There was nothing illegal in it and most of the adults were against it. So there was a good breeding ground for it to grow. We walked around in the East with jackets from Daells Hypermarket. Svanemølleværket sent solidified smoke into a frosty sky, and the trains were noisy in the background. Here we really felt like we were in "The Bronx."


Back then there were two large crews. "Whap Gang" and "Crime Crew." I joined Whap as a 14 year old kid, being an anonymous local recorder from a residential area. After that I rose in the hierarchy. It was great for me. I was invited by them to paint and was then handed a diploma, which I had to sign. It was my education at that time. A happy childhood.


Danish graffiti had a very naive style at the time. It was complete, white lines, bubbles, clouds, preferably on trains and crime related. It was classic shit .. We would steal cans, and looked down on those who painted legally. There were some standards back then, which we definitely took over from the U.S. and the movies and books we sought inspiration from in those days.


I probably represent the old school. One must see that it is spray paint and letters, and that's that. I spent a lot of time working with the energy inherent in the old. I feel it in letters and I have it with jazz or any fat, classic hip hop. There is flow in it. It fluctuates. That's what works for me. I tried other things, but with my new show I'm back in the classic. I feel that here I hit that magical flow. It is a little more wild. More complicated. But still quite conservative. I believe it is "CRES", it's four letters. It can be difficult for outsiders to understand how to work with four letters in almost 30 years, but in this one show, I hit it. 


The exhibited works are large black and white sketches. A tribute to my old friend, the Penol700. The classic is what works for me. It makes me happy when I finish a sketch.


Anyone with a penchant for the classic and the uncompromisingly original is invited to indulge the pleasure to see how an experienced painter uses the iconic marker.


Street art festival

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This weekend



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New in the shop: The complete collection of the famous BLU graffiti animations on DVD and the book with a selection of the best pieces and drawings between 2004 and 2007! > More info & trailer


New limited can MTN

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Hi Guys

as you know, Montana Colors was one of the sponsor of the world famous exhibition "ART IN THE STREETS", a review of Graffiti history from its beginnings up to date hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art of California (MoCA).
We had the honor to be the only Spray cans manufacturer involved in the show and our little gift to the show was this amazing artwork by Chaz Bojorquez, which represent one of the best event ever.
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The great Bue the warrior in juxtapoz!!!!

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Roa @ MOCA

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Roa preparing his first solo show

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Belgian street artist ROA has been visiting sf over the past two and a half weeks preparing and creating all of the work that he will be exhibiting at White Walls gallery during the month of April for his first ever solo gallery exhibition in the Bay Area.


MTN 94 Skin tones pack selected by Polak

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Allright paintedpeople lovers. Our man Polak hes selected a sweet Skin Tone pack for Montana 94! This 24 Pack selection makes it real easy to go out and experiment with all kinds of flesh funkyness.. Check it out!